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    I’ve been trying to figure out how to get two games working, as the title of the thread says. Both of them are fully playable as-is, but I’d like to try and iron out the last little details. I also am kind of stuck having to ask rather than experiment for now because I’m a Computer Science major and I lent my headset to one of my instructors. (I’m taking a VR/Haptics class)

    First off, when I play Portal 2, I have an issue where I’m facing the wrong way when going through a portal. I know that this is a known issue, but I was wondering if anybody has figured out a fix for it. One thing that I had read was to turn off DirectVR. What do I lose if I do that? Could I turn it on when I start the game, then turn it off and keep the FOV and turning my head to turn in-game? What benefits does keeping DirectVR have?

    Second, I wanted to ask about Fallout: New Vegas. I can get the game working out-of-the-box, but as anybody will tell you, the game doesn’t shine without mods. In particular, graphics/lighting overhauls and ENB/Reshade/NVReloaded. Since it’s such an old game, fixing up the graphics seems like a pretty big priority when trying to get it working in VR.

    I’m having difficulty using VorpX alongside an ENB. The ENB adds a D3D9.dll file, which apparently VorpX doesn’t seem to like very well, and it refuses to hook into the game. Is there a way around this so that I can use both? There’s an injector version of ENB that doesn’t include the dll file, but it requires being manually started before starting the game, and that would not only be a pain (since I’d constantly forget, and the game is a pain to get started), but I’m not sure how well it would work alongside using Mod Organizer 2 and NVSE Loader. (MO2 has to assemble the mod folders when starting the game, NVSE Loader is a different launcher for the game that is needed for a very large number of mods.)

    Anyways, I’ve been trying to look up answers for both of these by myself, but to no avail. The last Portal 2 thread was quite a while ago, but I’ve been seeing videos over 5 years old of the game working in VR flawlessly. As for my New Vegas issue, everywhere I look just has people say to use the wrapper version of ENB (the one with the dll file) since it’s automatic, not taking programs like VorpX into account.

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