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    I was wondering if vorpx has the capability of unlocking the camera and adding headtracking to The pinball Arcade or Pinball FX2, I know that there is a launcher/dll on github that makes pinball arcade work back on the 0.5.1 oculus runtime so its definitely do-able. If vorpX accomplishes this I will purchase immediately. I don’t play any other games but given how many are compatible it seems this may not be too daunting of a task to implement it if its not already compatible. This would create a lot of sales for you guys from within the digital pinball community.

    I’ll check back here shortly to see if I’ve gotten any answers.



    still no answer huh, lame that’s not what I expected, even a simple “no” would have sufficed. oh well.


    Unlikely that this will happen. I believe to remember having read something about an official Pinball FX2 VR version being in the making, but I might be mistaken.


    FX2 has 3 tables with vr support @Oculus store, I’ve also heard rumors about Pinball Arcade getting an vr update but not holding my breath since it took so long for the pc dx11 update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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