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    Hello i am thinking about getting vorpX my only concern is i bought a head set that is called the viulux vr v1 head set, now so far it has worked with every vr game on steam that i purchased i have had to do some work around’s, but it works great looks great and so on.

    The only games i can not play are the ones that require vive or rift controlers, but all other that use regular xbox controller or hotas like elite dangerous work great. The way this head set works is it is basically it is a DK2 head set and it uses the occulus run time 0.8 drivers.
    But i have had it working with many newer games and so on very weird but great device can not belive it works with as much as it does, but any how so the question is can i use vorpX with 0.8 runtime oculus drivers. And if it didn’t work can i return for a refund. Sry for the long post i just wanted to try to explain the best i know how about this hmd set i have. ty in advance for any info


    The current vorpX version does not work with the Oculus runtime 0.8 anymore. It does work with current Oculus headsets and headsets that support the Steam VR runtime.

    If your headset requires an older beta Oculus runtime, I could provide you with an older vorpX version after purchase. You should keep in mind though that such an older version does not have all features of the current vorpX version. Most importantly the relatively new Direct VR feature is absent from older versions that simplifies the setup for many games.


    Ah ok ye i thought that might be the case, i wish there was a way to see casue i still think it may work the reason i say that is, it is hard to explain. best i can tell i can use it as steam vr no problem it actually works better with steam vr then as a straight oculus head set it is very strange, but it just works almost like it’s universal with everything, as long as programs recognize it as an hmd i think it could be fine.

    I am using tridef at the moment the 14 day free trial and no issues with that so far. Now i know it is a different program not as in depth but maybe if that works fine as it does vorp x may.

    So i guess to get to the point if i order this and keep in contact with you, is it possible to do one of 2 things if i must use and older version i can try that.

    Or if needed maybe a refund i just don’t want to blow 40 bucks. But at the same time the curiosity in me just almost wants to take the chance as it is fun to get things to work that are not suppose to lol i like seeing how far and what i can make this head set do.

    So far have gotten everything to work with it that i have wanted to play the ultimate thing would be seeing if this works, vorpx just seems like such a cool program i almost gotta see how it works:)


    I too purchased a Viulux v1, and am toying with getting vorpx for older non-vr games. @degoking did you ever get your setup working with vorpx? If so I would get vorpx too. I’ve just installed tridef but don’t know how to set it up for the display.


    Hey Ralf, If I buy Vorpx could I get an older vorpx version after purchase?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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