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    I just got vorpx so I am learning it as I go. I am using the HTC Vive. My problem is with a racing game. I can load to cinema, even zoom in around but I don’t get the VR 360 degree view. Just 1 image that is flat as if I were staring my monitor face to face up close.

    If this is the view does this mean it’s not running in VR mode?

    Either way..when I am driving on a track and I move my head, the view doesn’t move. The monitor moves with my head but I’m not getting the freedom to look around me to be aware of my surroundings.

    Head tracking is set to on but again it’s still not doing anything.

    Any ideas?

    If theatre mode is totally different than VR mode then please help me switch to VR. In theatre mode I press delete for the menu and I turn off the theatre view which seems to zoom in but nothing happens from there

    Thanks a bunch


    For games that don’t have mouse look (like many racing games), you basically have to options:

    1. If the game has TrackIR support (many Codemasters games hve that for example), you can use OpenTrack to simulate TrackIR with the headset. Caveat: I’m not sure if OpenTrack already has Vive support.

    2. vorpX can map head movement to a simulated gamepad axis. This feature can be enabled on the input page of the vorpX ingame menu. That’s not an ideally solution (rather laggy), but can provide basic head tracking in any racing game that allows you to look around with a gamepad stick.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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