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    I happened to have a GTX 1080Ti, RX 6750XT and a RX 6800XT for some time. And decided to test a few games with vorpX on the same system.
    Most games work fine on all three, performing as you’d expect for the GPU.

    However there were a couple where the FPS tanks in geometry 3D for radeon cards. The ones I found are Mass Effect 1 and 2 of Legendary Edition, Mass Effect Andromeda and F1 2020.
    The RX cards drop to 2-15 FPS in ME1/ME2 LE, and 30-40 FPS in ME Andromeda and F1 2020. Compared to 60-80 in ME1/ME2 LE and Andromeda, and 100+ in F1 2020 for the 1080Ti.
    This considering the 6750XT and 6800XT are both more powerful than the 1080Ti.

    I scoured a bit in the forums and found a few complaining of poor performance on the 6000 series. That is actually how I decided to test F1 2020.

    There doesn’t seem to be something obviously in common between these games. For example standalone version of ME2 doesn’t have this issue.
    Also Z3D works close to native FPS, with RX cards preforming better as expected.

    I used DDU on every GPU swap, disabled all AMD features (active sync, boost, chill etc.), disabled AMD overlay, forced Vsync OFF globally. I tried lower game settings, different resolutions, fullscreen/borderless/windowed, OpenXR/SteamVR/Generic 3D Display, all sync options in vorpX.

    I’m not sure what else to try.



    Is it related to the graphics quality ? I mean have you ever tried to go low resolution low graphics just to check if you experiment this issue also ?

    You can also check the VRAM available on your graphic card, with GPU-Z for instance.
    Remember that in VR, you need to compute every picture 2 times, one from each eye point of view. On my RTX 3080 with 10GB, I use to reach 80 to 90% of the VRAM available, and I cannot sustain full quality everywhere. The GPU temperature also may affect the performances, as if it high, it will tend to reduce the usage to avoid damages (thermal throttle).


    I did try lower resolutions but it shouldn’t matter for the issue.
    Both the 6750XT and 6800XT have more VRAM and are more powerful than the 1080ti, yet they perform considerably worse in some games. I understand running stereo on an HMD is demanding, but that is the case for all GPUs.

    Temperature is a reasonable assumption, as power consumption tends to increase per generation, but all GPUs run below 65*C, with hotspot around 80*C. The PSU meets the requirements for all cards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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