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    Could you please try to make this easier to use. I was forced to reinstall windows. I decided to put aside my game development for awhile (which is what I use the oculus primarily for) then I saw that vorpx runs eso online. So I reinstalled all the sdk and drivers and then vorpx.

    Now the damn program is treating me like I just purchased it. I tried my registration information and it is telling me to email you…

    You charge a lot of money for this software and it should run seamlessly between updates and reinstalls that is the internet software standard. I should not have to request (seeing as how I bought the software) new registration keys for reinstall…

    From what I gather you are doing this all by yourself and I know that is tough. But program flow is very important.


    He doesn’t charge a lot for his work. He has to make it harder to install to keep people from ripping him off left and right. Its beta software for development gear, there will be kinks along the way. It can be a pain to have to email for new code but its more of a pain trying to develope when all people want to do is steal from you and or talk shit. Dumb people who don’t even have a rift or vorpx post here and that’s sad just like them lol It would be nice to have an easier code system but look at it from ralfs side. He works hard, and the whole time he can hear the wolves at the door… so he makes it tougher for them to get in.


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    If you want to continue to post here, do so in a manner that you would feel comfortable with when speaking to someone in person. Personal attacks of any kind and insults are not tolerated here any longer. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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