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    I work on two tv shows in Toronto, Canada. I am the Playback designer and 1st assistant art director.
    I also act as a consultant for items that are of a technological nature and try to find ways to promote their
    use and therefore promote their placement on our show. I have recently purchased an Oculus DK2 as well as
    the Vorpx diver in order to put together a demo for our various departments to lead them into the use of these
    cutting edge elements on our medical tv drama.
    Unfortunately, I am very busy and can only designate a certain amount of time to something before it takes away from my
    job. After spending the entire weekend trying to create a fluid workflow in and out of the Rift via Vorpx, I had a small
    modicum of success late last night. How ever there are still issues and I need to speak with a human being regarding them
    if I am ever to get something achieved win a timely manner.
    Can someone contact me?
    My info has been emailed to your team.
    Thank you

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