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    :) the only article I could find with your interview

    VorpX Oculus Rift Driver Creator Ralf Ostertag Speaks to Road To VR

    with your only picture on the web


    for me, Ralf deserves much more prominence in the current Vr world

    for the last two years I have the oculus, and for 90% of the time I played 3d games thanks to ralf, thanks to vorpx (the remaining 10% to native vr games)

    thanks Ralf for your work, and I bet and I hope the future of VR will always need your work :)

    nvidia, oculus, everybody, look at the fabulous work of ralf, it can be useful for the future of VR: ask for light to him :)


    In my eyes sooner or later everyone who has an Oculus, Vive ect. will come across VorpX. One thing that many people are obviously confused about is the difference beetween real 3D and fake 3D. People just dont know the difference when they are new to VR. Everyone i know who has experienced his favorite game in “G3D”, swears on VorpX. No other software can provide real 3D for so many games. Others say, but they dont, only fake 3D. The inofficial list will reach 500 G3D games in a few days. That will be hard to beat. I havent counted them through yet , but i think the Nvidia 3D Vision profile list only counts 600, and Nvidia has a huge staff. PS: Havent played a game with 3D Vision since i own VorpX. The immersion with VorpX even on an older game beats anything else.


    Thanks guys. I’m quite happy to be less prominent now again than I (briefly) was when the VR-hype started 2012/13. I had my 15 minutes of (micro-)fame.

    If you want another picture, this is what I like to do the most when I’m in dire need of taking a break from staring at a screen. Not doing that nearly as often as I should though.


    Looks awesome!

    Of the many neat experiences VR brings us, that seems one you can only appreciate “out there” 😁.

    And though you probably feel comfortable sharing vorpX with our little niche community, more people need to try this. It’s the best kept secret of VR! The concept to play any game in VR 3D is awesome, and seems like an obvious must-have for all gamers.

    As soon as I saw the first video of Skyrim on dk2, I knew vorpX VR would be my thing. Thanks for the thousands of hours enjoyed, and for the work you do to continually improve the vorpX concept. Ralf da man!


    Honestly I think its because everyone was expecting some huge one size fits all solution and were pissed when Vorpx wasn’t it. Add on the shit lords that tried it and started spewing that it was a sham and I think that’s why Vorpx is less known. Some people are too afraid to try it cause idiots who tried it years ago and didn’t bother to throw in effort or check to see what games were supported still to this day have an aneurysm when Vorpx is mentioned.




    Even a single game that is made for VR needs to be setup differently for each user. How can someone expect making LESS individual settings for hundrets of games that VorpX supports. (i would guess only real dummies). And yes, its the same thing like you own a shop for example, you hear the complainers all the time, but the satisfied customers dont see a reason to tell everyone how much they were satisfied with their purchase. So no wonder you read so many bad words about VorpX. PS: Through the twitter channel comments and discussions in the background i see lots of positive comments. May be we needed more followers to spread the word around.


    Today i spoke to a guy who beleived that games using VorpX all “stick to your face” and you wouldnt be able to use hadtracking like in a native VR game. We seriously need some people help writing the wiki !


    Thanks for the interview link.

    I remember the Phillips G7000, although my introduction to computers and gaming was with the ZX80 / ZX81, back in the days when one person could create and sell games on cassette tape. Strangely the new digital distribution seems to have brought those lone developers back again.

    I am however somewhat disappointed that you do not look like a wizard, given your programming skills :)


    Hey Ralf, not a diving game but some Summer Sports too, thought i give that one a profile for you.

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