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    I was just wondering what you thought of them, and whether you’ve tried playimg
    a Vorpx game with them.


    I got my pair last week, but haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

    Judging from how the Vive controller support turned out, I’m pretty confident though that Touch will add a lot to the vorpX experience as soon as implemented. vorpX can’t make the controllers really control the weapons/aim, but just being able to fake wielding a sword or using a gun while presing the buttons on the controller is an awful lot of fun.

    Both Vive controller and Touch support will come with the next vorpX version.


    Can’t wait, Ralf! Should I say “please make it a priority”, or it’s obvious? :) Thank you for all you do!!!


    I’m finally finishing the Vive controller support right now. Touch implementation starts tomorrow and will hopefully be straight forward since for the most part ‘only’ the Touch input data has to be fed into the now largely done VR-controller system. The time consuming part was the groundwork: figuring out what works best, testing out possible configurations etc.

    Here’s what you can expect for both Vive and Touch:

    • Both Vive And Touch controllers will have two usage modes: controllers can act either as Xbox gamepad or as keyboard/mouse, so almost every game will be covered one way or the other. Although not enough physical buttons are available, a full Xbox gamepad incl. D-Pad is mapped to the controllers using a shift button. Also the vorpX ingame menu can be used with the controllers.
    • The rendered ingame controllers always show the current key mapping, which makes this as intuitive as possible. Extremely useful for getting started, no need to memorize what is mapped to what. If in doubt, you can briefly glance at the controller.
    • Different modes for the Vive pad mouse emulation (either as a touchpad or as emulated thumbstick).
    • Fully configurable ingame via the vorpX menu.
    • Optimized keyboard mappings for a few very important games. More to follow later. The default keyboard/mouse config allows basic operation (walk/shoot/use etc.) with all first person games that use common input scheme standards.
    • Xbox-gamepad mode is basically zero-conf and should just work with most games that allow gamepad use together with vorpX.

    And Oculus Rift Touch controls?
    I uploaded a preset for SkyrimSE. It’s a FO4 preset, but runs better than i expect. Glorious 2560×1440 supermodded and supertextured without any issues and record gameplay at 1440 60fps with an i7 4790k and RX 480+ Nitro 8GB.

    Very impressed!!!!

    Oh… And thanks. I registering today, but i use VorpX from july 2016 ….
    Sorry about this.

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