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    I’m getting random crashing to SteamVR home lately, I thought it was only Deus Ex MD but it just did it to me twice in Black Mesa. It does it as well when in the VorpX menu in Oblivion, just wondering if anyone else is encountering this or if I should trouble shoot something I recently maybe did.


    My computer crashes often in general, but if youre specifically getting crashes in VR, maybe try switching USB ports for any of your VR gear (headset, sensors, adapters, etc). I had my Rift crashing my entire PC constantly for a few weeks and finally checked in device manager and crash reports and it was USB failing mid game causing me to kick to desktop or crash entire computer.

    Just an idea, may or may not be it.


    In my case too Vorpx Desktop crashes randomly, and from what I have noticed is that it happens when the CPU usage reaches max for a couple of seconds, instead of the framerate dropping, it just crashes. I have to turn on my monitor again to reopen Vorpx Desktop again (I don’t have to restart Steam VR though). It’s so annoying.

    Specs: Pimax 8KX paired with 3070

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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