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    Today I fired up a tried and true vorpx game after many months of not using and its like I have to learn it all over again. I even remembered all the little quirks that I am required to do to get it working (i.e. disabling 3D Vision etc) and still when I fired up the game it came up in the headset in the top corner and I was unable to do anything.

    And you know what? Rather than start up with the whole process or game of “how to get vorpX working again” I just said fuck it. And so it begins again.. having to turn off the game, disable vorp X, restart Oculus service, restart the game, reset and figure out the proper resolution settings, then restart everything again.

    Put resolutions and what not in profiles so start up when you inject vorpX. For $50 there is just TOO MUCH headache and time sink.

    I should have wrote up an entire log of everything that you have to do get this damn working after I first got it. It was worth it then…. coming back a few months later, honestly I just can’t be bothered to start jumping through all the hoops again. And honestly for the amount of games/profiles that have proper 3D I think for $50 bucks get on the fucking ball already and get it working as it should. Yeah yeah “you have to get it to work” there’s a point where it just turns into too much busy work. I remember the last “VorpX sessions” I had sitting there for hours trying to get things to work.. then you sit there once it works for a minute and you say ‘great its working’ I dont even feel like fucking playing this game anymore.

    Get this shit to work like it should for $50 bucks.. stop giving us hours and hours of busywork getting it to work like it should.

    Add the proper settings and resolutions to the profiles so when I start it up in vorp X after having played on my 4K screen the last time, the vorpX driver injects the proper resolution and settings so I dont have to tear out my fucking eyes barely able to see the game in the top left of the screen with no head tracking.


    And I apologize for my rudeness but this is how I feel. I have highly recommended vorpx many times to many people.. but honestly this when I want to use vorpX I want to be a customer who purchased a product, not someone applying for a fucking job at vorpX who needs to learn the whole goddamned thing all over again.

    Its been said many times.. vorpX “Injects” into the driver and therefore its the user’s responsibility to worm around and make sure nothing is interfereing with the injection. Well shit if its “injecting” then add the proper resolution settings at the same time in the injection. Why the hell when I start a game if vorpX was “injected” why the hell didnt it “inject” the proper configuration settings so I’m not ripping my goddamned eyes out trying to see a tiny screen in the top corner to maybe fix the resolution or full screen or whatever the hell is the problem.


    I get that $50 bucks is a lot for something you don’t use, but I also think it’s pretty naive to believe that $50 will get every none VR-game working out of the box. That said, Vorpx seems to make people either extremely satisfied or the polar opposite, which leads me to believe that something needs to be done about their messaging and how the app is presented to potential costumers, before they buy it. There should probably be a pretty big work-in-progress disclaimer, if there isn’t one already.

    I personally think it’s money well spent and then some. Eventhough I haven’t actually really played any games with it yet, it’s been extremely entertaining to see some of my favorite game worlds realized in virtual reality. Vorpx isn’t for everyone and you probably need to be a tinkerer by heart and pretty resistant to motion-sickness to fully enjoy it.


    For perspective, my $50 for Vorpx has given me over 50 hours of enjoyment with the following games (and I’ve got so many more to go) ….

    Dying Light
    Fallout 4
    GTA V
    Far Cry 3
    7 Days to Die
    Skyrim (old and new)
    No Man’s Sky

    All these games run mediocre to awesome at a beautiful 1920 x 1440 base resolution, and training has minimized my motion sickness (try standing at a waist-level keyboard and mouse tray …. maybe even walk in place while your character is walking)

    Sorry you are having trouble, but as the previous poster has stated, a little tinkering and you can get pennies-per-hour of enjoyment from this product. Give it another chance, and pound the forums with questions about your specific games. We will help you get them running best we can.


    I definitely feel that the proper starting game resolution should be saved with the profile settings, so that when vorpX is switched on, it should inject those settings along with the vorpX driver.

    Right now I simply do not use vorpx because its too much of a time sink. Playing a game in vorpX is like a project anytime you want to do it. I know all about how to use it, when I decide I want to play a game using vorpX I expect it to work.. I dont expect to have to start all over again from the beginning for each game…I dont want to play the “Lets figure out vorpX from the beginning all over again’ game for a half hour, I want to use the product I paid for.


    It’s not possible to ‘inject’ the game resolution. For quite a few games however vorpX can automatically apply a suggested resolution via the vorpX Game Optimizer in the config app. This suggestion can’t be be more than a suggestion since just as it is the case with playing games on a monitor the best resolution depends on your individual PC, more precisely on how fast it is. The faster the PC, the higher the best resolution.

    It’s fairly easy though to choose a resolution: 1280×1024, 1600×1200 or 1920×1440 depending on performance is a good rule of thumb.

    Apart from resolution: if you want to jump right in without having to care about configuration, you can use the “1-2-3 Game Setup” described in the help. A quick and dirty method that usually isn’t the best possible way to configure a game, but it’s very easy and works with almost everything the same way.


    Ralf it seems maybe there should be Game Optimization for every profile created.
    As I said I barely even use vorpX these days because it is just too much hassle. There are so many different issues constantly arising, that VorpX is not even considered a play session in so much as a tech support/workaround session.

    Why is there no Game Optimization listed for the profile I created. After spending a long long time getting this game to work, after later playing on a 4K screen, when I go back to vorpX I would expect it to automatically set it back to the VOrpX preferred resolution. Had this game (Unreal tournament 2007) been listed in the Game Optimization list maybe this could have happened. Because it didn’t and the game started up in a tiny inaccessible part of the screen, I threw down my keyboard in disgust and came and ranted here.


    Games use many different ways to store game settings. Ini and other config file, the Windows registry etc. The Optimizer can access about half a dozen of these methods, but other methods aren’t accessible from outside the game. Games may store settings in unknown binary formats, in custom databases or even encrypt them for example.

    Whenever possible there is an Optimizer entry, but there is no way to do this for every supported game.


    You know what Ralf, we all love your unbelievable work but even if it’s not really hard to make it work it still has lots of options and enabling or disabling one will make a huge difference on the game experience. Not everyone has the time to invest trying different games and make them work. On the top of that, the configuration process is often unconfortable and many people gets motion sickness because of that. Another little thing that would raise the average performance is assuming that Vorpx users have a VR ready PC (to me, this starts with 980ti graphic card, no less) and make it clear, because if one wanst real VR now he needs a powerful machine. This is true for SteamVr, so should be the same also for Vorpx. All these custom resolutions and performance configurations are just a compromise, in my opionion, and lead to subpar outcomes. Differently, many Vorpx game will look and feel about native on a 2016 machine.

    Must be disappointing to get criticism after creating something unique like Vorpx, but i think you won’t have these feedbacks for longtime as soon as some rough aspects will get a bit more “polished” and user friendly. We know u r working into that direction big time, thanks for that.


    There is only so much that can be done. Not everthing can be automated with a single mouse click. We’re talking about ~200 games here that are all very different in so many ways that I can’t explain that all here. For things like resolution there simply is no one size fits all best value for example as explained in detail in your other recent thread and above. The best resolution plain and simple depends on how fast your PC is. The faster the PC, the higher the resolution you can use while still getting a decent frame rate. Exact same thing as with playing a game on your monitor.

    The general steps are always the same and I think they are described reasonably well. Apart from that almost every vorpX version contains new features that make things easier. Try to imagine you wouldn’t have the Game Optimizer for example at all, which wasn’t there from the start.

    And the next vorpX version, as you are well aware, will have the new Direct VR feature that can automatically (and ingame) adjust FOV and head tracking for (for now) about 30 games, which clearly is the most difficult step so far since it’s so different for each game.


    I don’t think Vorpx is difficult, but i think that information (including the forum) and menus should be re-arranged a bit, and other things should be more standardized to the higher-end harware becoming normal in 2016 (=Pascal, Vive and Cv1, still supporting DK2 to avoid compliants). When you talk about solutions to certain issues i have the feeling that you talk about implementing advanced solutions; myself, i am talking about much easier things, in order to avoid certain issues to the new user.
    I could disscuss these little things more but i don’t want to be lame or insist because this is your application of course, i am just trying to help because i like Vorpx.


    If you have solutions to specific games that vorpX doesn’t provide, open a thread in the game settings forum and post them there. If such a solution can be integrated into vorpX, I can then look at that.

    You, the users obviously spend more time with single games than I ever can. Apart from a few very important games it is simply impossible to invest dozens of hours into a single title. Take nVidia for example, a multi-billion dollar company that even lets shader fixes do by the community for their 3D driver.

    If you find out something for a game that can help others, share it! That’s what a community forum is for.


    Ok i will let you know my opinion in a more detailed way soon. It’s just few points basically; but they may make a difference to the confused user IMHO.


    Make sure to check the “1-2-3 Game Setup” in the help, which is meant as the generalized and easy way to do things for beginners. If you have concrete (and doable) suggestions how to further simplify or otherwise enhance that, I would be more than happy to integrate them right away.

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