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    If i start the game, than i see a window “vorpcontrol.exe” i push the yes! After this window i see this window “Attaching to program failed:rdr2.exe
    Intsalling a hook helper might help…blablabla…
    If i use the install hook helper than come a new window “worpx hook helper install” and in this window stay this text “does not seems to exist. Aborting hook helper install”!
    I followed gamertag tutorial video, i just intsalled the vorpx, and this was all, but i cant nor start the game in vorpx! Cyberpunk working and all another games…


    Installing a hook helper is mandatory for RDR2, vorpX should do that normally if none is found. Judging from the error message it sounds a bit as if vorpX can’t find the folder where RDR2 is installed, but I’m not sure. Have to see the whole error message for that.

    Please send some additional information to support at vorpx com:

    1. The *complete* error message that is shown by vorpX when you try to install the hook helper.
    2. A trouble shooting archive (can be created in the config app under ‘trouble shooting’
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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