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    Is there any games that VorpX turns in REAL VR 3D?
    When i say REAL VR 3D i hope someone will get it.

    Oh sorry, there is a “STEREO” 3D game list.


    EDIT 2:
    Games in that list do work in stereo 3d out of the box without spending hours in profiling?


    There is a G3D (geometry 3D) list on here somewhere.

    There are a ton of games that support it. The upside is that it’s ‘real 3D’ (which is I assume what you mean?). So everything has proper depth and scale. The downside is it takes over 2x the power of your GPU to render everything twice. Also, depending on the engine, some graphical effects may need to be turned down or even off (eg. shadows are frequently a problem)
    Z3D is still 3D… but it cheats and creates 3D from the games zmap. So there’s depth, but things tend to look a little like 2D popups in situations. And there’s usually a halo effect around certain objects as a result of how Z3D works. As well as other oddities eg. in Wreckfest, the road looks like it’s going ‘down’ in front of you. Some Z3D can work well. And some people can barely tell the difference between the two.
    For me, nothing beats games like Rocket League, Titanfall 2, Metro etc in G3D. No issues with shadows and perfect depth and scale. Brilliant.
    And yes… they should just work. No hours of setting up. You can, of course, play with settings to your heart’s content.


    Sorry to sort of resurrect this post. But I came unto it by looking for something tangentially related.

    I’m guessing its not possible with my limited understanding of engines and 3D, but you programmers do some crazy black magicks sometimes, I mean, the fact this program even exists is proof of that to me, so I don’t see where the harm is in asking.

    My question would be… is there a way to make the immersive/cinematic screen into a “window to another world” somehow? By using G3D and headtracking together. I mean it in a “you can peek into places by traslating your head, not just turning it” kind of deal.

    If not possible now, is there a possibility of this being worked in down the line? (even if years from now) Or is it a technical impossibility?


    I’m not sure it’s possible for immersive screen and cinema, but some games, like infinite bioshock, support room scale and location in fullvr mode. so you can peek behind a wall. the 3d effect instead is available for all games that support g3d


    That would be a shame! I do remember trying the fullVR modes, but those are a whole different beast. Not only performance wise but you have to deal with a ton of FOV headaches to match it to your head and such… Not to say that barely any game supports that either sadly :(

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