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    Hi all,

    I have i5 7600 1070GTX 16gb oculus rift.. all games I currently have work in VR/Non VR

    Just wonder what kind of impact on the CPU/GPU/Memory when converting a non VR game into VR using its various methods.. Is there any lag?? Or is it a case I need to upgrade hardware first??

    Thanks just wondering before purchase


    As far as vorpX itself is concerned the biggest performance impact comes from rendering everything twice for creating Stereo 3D in Geometry 3D mode. Luckily vorpX has also has a second 3D mode named Z3D, which has a far lesser performance impact. Also dialing down a game’s graphics settings always can help quite a bit, of course.

    To answer your question in one sentence: your rig will work in general, but with more demanding games it might make sense to dial down settings and/or switch to the faster Z3D method.


    I’m still on the fence about this I’m surprised that there isnt a demo of some sort because potentially I could purchase and if it doesn’t work how it should or wanted it to I’m stuck with a bit of software that I paid quite a bit of money for..

    Even if you cut out most of the code and just have 1 setting, always internet connected, online activation and time limited even just a couple of mins just so people get an idea of it is for them..I get digital piracy is a massive concern for all..but having a massively cut down version, with programmed limitations will get round the issue..

    That would make a purchase for me and for others who are in the fence who want to at least try it..because to be fair it is expensive that could potentially not work depending on there setup.

    Also with FPS games, oculus touch controllers can you aim and shoot with the controllers?? For example moving your arm to the person you want to shoot and then fire 🔥 lol . So in other words emulating mouse for aiming..


    you dont need a demo for vorpX.

    vorpX is the best VR software.

    i have thousands of hours in vr thanks to VorpX, i repeat, VorpX is the best thing you can buy to use with your vr headset.


    Only if the spec is right…I myself have a rig lets be honest is quite low in the order of things we have RTX 2080’s and soon RTX 3080’s gen 10 intels and then look at my spec lol..I get it doesn’t have to be super Spec’d and with mine yes everything runs ok..but with an overhead that this could take it might be touch and go if it works without any lag or problems

    I want it trust me but it’s money could be wasted…


    Has anyone got a similar spec to mine and can give a verdict??


    It completely depends on what you play. If you want to run Kingdom Come in geometry 3D is one thing, but it will be more than enough for less demanding games.

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