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    I am looking for any insight or assistance in figuring out how to include VorpX in game menus and settings on my OBS captures. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    If you run games windowed, you can mirror the view as seen in the headset to the monitor and capture it. You’ll find the according option on the display page of the vorpx ingame menu. It’s not visible while games are run fullscreen, but appears when you run them windowed.


    Thanks for the reply … I turned on Direct Mode Mirror Window and I now see the mirrored images with the VorpX in game menu … but for some reason OBS is not recognizing the new vorpx window … is there any fix for that or just do a display capture at this point?


    I have zero experience with the program so I can’t really give specific instructions, sorry.


    Oh no worries boss … just trying to figure out how to add some “how to” video’s to my line up. When I first got VorpX it took a while to get the hang of configuring other profiles to work with unsupported games. I am getting better at it and I figured some of the new community members might benefit from the visual aids.



    Hello guys


    did you find a way to record stereo with OBS and VorpX ?
    That window that Ralf mentioned shows SBS, but would an external software record this as SBS and not as a single image ?

    …just an idea…, how about inventing something like a “stream to disk” option for vorpx so people dont need to experiment around with other software. I could imagine having big fun watching stereo movies taken from other users games. (May be that could boost the sales rate too through youtube for example)

    Participant need for any advenced technique. I have just managed to capture the steamvr headset monitor with OBS in stereo.

    You must use game capture + capture specific window.
    There choose the steam hadset monitor window.
    Hotkey did not work yet, so press record before starting game.

    -open steamvr headset monitor window
    -press record (do settings above)
    -start game
    -bring up heaset window again Full screen
    -obs is recording now
    -click once in your game window otherwise you wont be able to play
    -press stop recording in OBS after shutting down game

    output is SBS Video which you can playback for example with mpc-hc player

    one thing i have not tested yet if video remeions SBS after editing with windows movie maler for example.

    sample video following shortly.

    Participant if you put OBS, Headset Monitor and Game on your Taskbar. Start SteamVR, VorpX, then Open OBS, load preset and/or assign recording hotkeys and make video settings (probably best matching the res you are using in the game), maximize Headset Monitor, start Game through taskbar, press recording hotkey. Ive converted the movie into another format.

    here is a Samplevideo, several times converted, not best quality, but shows that 3D recording works. Note: Testvideo has mono Intro-Screen.

    I used Whirligig for playback, MPC-HC seems to produce a strange image offset .

    If youtube video does not work or you cant download it, here is the video in a less crappy format.

    Most important settings are:
    You must use game capture + capture specific window ( steam “headset monitor” window or “Headset Mirror” )




    VorpX 21.2.1 with OBS and SteamVR 1.12.2

    Here are some updated instructions how you can record SBS with OBS. I withdrew the scene ive uploaded, its better to go through the instructions below because OBS seems to like loosing settings.

    I assume you have OBS ready for recordind (a normal video like Deskop etc.) and you got your Video setup working,mp4,audio,etc.

    -Start OBS
    -Import attached Scene
    -Assign OBS Recording Hotkey
    -Start SteamVR
    -Start VorpX
    -Open SteamVR Headsetmirror
    -Set Headsetmirror to “both eyes”

    OBS: Video Settings:
    – Both resolutions must match game resolution eg. 1920×1080

    – Under Sources add: Game Capture
    – Double Click Game Capture
    – Select Capture Specific Window: Window: VrMonitor.exe
    – Window match prority: Window Title Must match
    – Right Click OBS: Enable Proview
    – Right Click OBS: Preview Scaling (Scale to Window)
    – Do NOT move the red square around !

    -Start Game (Full Screen)
    -Press ALT+TAB to navigate to Headsetmirror
    -Set to Full Screen
    -Press ALT+TAB to navigate back to game window
    -Press Hotkey to Start Recording

    – Play game
    – Press Hotkey to Stop Recording
    – Make a million
    – Donate ;-)

    Sample Video from tonight with VorpX and SteamVR


    Latest updated instructions can be found Here, because i cant edit the above.

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