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    Big battle of the profiles today ay ;).
    So here is Redeemer G3D, good old U4 engine.
    As usual set shadows to low,
    motion blur,vsync,color aberration I would prefer off.
    Tested on 1080gtx@1440p aa off, turn resolution down to 1080p gives a good fps boost.


    yes, you people are amazing, sharing all these profiles, really incredible community, big thank you to y’all :)


    Greetz man youre welcome, as I proceed in this game, I have to say it rocks, turned off some blurry stuff and now it looks amazing clean and nice 3dish. One more advise would be to turn off the framed objects ingame for more immersion. It was on sale for 1,20 eus yeah.


    Did a profile overhaul which changes the setup for this game a bit, so please do the following if you play

    Set general quality to epic !
    resolution=tested 1440p & 1080p(better performance)
    AA=low(if you have a powerful gpu>1080gtx you can lift it up)
    Shadows to averrage or middle (high=glitchy low=just low)
    DoF, motion blur,color aberrartion,vsync=all off
    language=well i leave that to you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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