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    Hi just want to share things.
    I am using an xbox elite controller ( with paddles). I alway had problems getting the controller fit to Skyrim,fallout4, witcher, gta5 just to name a few.Alway missing funktions,, and keyboard funktion mostly not available. I had xpadder installed but the paddle cant be remapped. So yester day i found the rewasd mapper.
    It tooks a few hours,, but now all keyboard funktions, macros and different profiles are now programmed. Its almost unbelievable now i can use my elite contoller that can handle four single controller setups for each game and best the profiles can be switch with one click at a dedicate combo programed .I v can have mouse, keyboard and xbox controller activated simultaniously. I tested today with vorpy and so far no problems. I even can use one controller mapping for all my games…..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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