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    Remnant:From the Ashes – G3D

    Cinema Mode.
    Soul like game with a Gun.
    The game uses Unreal Engine 4, but when I use the Unreal Engine 4 game profile, the screen looks blurry.
    So I looked for a profile that would be a 3D profile that was not Unreal Engine 4.
    And I found a profile that can be three-dimensionally clear.
    However, although it is 3D, you cannot adjust the strength of the 3D effect.
    Profile is in cloud,Check it.


    Remnant:From the Ashes – G3D(PERFECT)

    I have a complete G3D profile that is much better than my first Remnant: From the Ashes profile.
    3D EFFECT is GOOD and wonderful.
    Profile is in cloud,Check it.


    Are the shadows glitchy in G3D mode? Does it work in Z3D mode?

    Usually i’m skeptical with new games, but after the review by Laymen Gaming, this got my interest.


    I’m not very familiar with the technical details, but this only works with G3D.
    In addition to that, my computer specs were set to the minimum resolution, the graphics settings were set to the lowest, and even if I switched to 3D mode of NIVIDIA to performance, it was frozen or the graphics processing was delayed, so I refunded. I’m sorry, but I don’t know any more details, so I think you should buy it after you have thoroughly researched the game.

    My computer specs
    GTX1060 WINDOWS10


    If you are still hunting for Z3D, Conan Exiles is one I’ve had most luck with for Unreal4 games.

    Others worth trying are Hellblade, Mordhau, and Edith Finch.


    Not sure what is going on but I was playing this game with G3D and suddenly it stopped working and now I keep finding profiles on the cloud that were listed also as G3D but right now no one works in G3D….all profiles work with Z3D Normal/Adaptive and those are no close at all on how good it was with G3D.

    HELP ? anyone?

    I’ve been trying other profiles like those recommended:

    Conan exile, Hellblade, Mordhau, and Edith Finch but no luck so far.

    Remnant from the Ashes is Unreal4 what other profiles I could check?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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