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    Is there any way to remove the 90 fps limit in vorpx? The input lag would be greatly reduced if the games ran faster than 90.


    There isn’t a fix 90fps limit, the limit is actually the headset refresh rate. Going above that wouldn’t really make any sense. However, if you happen to have a headset that can handle 120fps, there’s no harm in trying that.

    Be aware though that playing games with vorpX can be fairly taxing, so you won’t really be able to play newer, more demanding games at 120fps. So in the end running your headset at 90fps is usually the better option for vorpX.


    Vive pro 2 has refresh rate of 120 but vorpx still limits it to 90. And there are some games which loads very slowly if fps is limited anyhow. Like kerbal space program, if you use fps limiters it can take multiple minutes to load game.


    First keep in mind that rendering stuff in stereo 3d, especially Geometry 3D, is a lot more demanding than rendering on your monitor, so if e.g. a game runs with 100FPS on your monitor, it will run at about half of that with G3D since everything has to be drawn twice.

    That said:

    Please check whether your headset is actually set to operate at 120FPS in the SteamVR settings. if that is the case, check the “Direct Mode FluidSync” option in the vorpX menu. Depending on the headset and the game the franmerate may be capped to make sure the GPU is harder to overload.

    A word of caution: typically you don’t want to touch any of the headset sync options at all, usually the defaults are what is known to work best for a given headset. There is no harm in trying though. E.g. for some older games that you know for certain can reach 120FPS easily without causing the CPU/GPU to stall, it’s worth a shot to force FluidSync to ‘Off’ even for headsets where vorpX enables it per default.


    Ive noticed this with quest 2 too – on index I can switch refresh rate to anything and it reports correctly, on quest 2 vorpx shows 90fps max even when oculus app reports its at 120hz and I dont use vr desktop. I assumed oculus are being dishonest rather than it being a problem with vorpx since index has no issue like that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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