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    I’m looking for details on how to remove the newly-added watermark of the vorpX logo to game windows. It’s unnecessary for me, since I already display the vorpX logo in my videos.

    It’s not possible for me to produce any more videos while the vorpX logo is in front of my game capture, so a solution to this problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    Agreed, watermark should definitely be optional. Most of us who produce any YouTube videos either include the logo or mention VorpX to some extent if we’re using it. In my case I even spend hours writing up VorpX tutorials for the games I demonstrate.

    I’m a bit lost as to why we’re being imposed a watermark.


    So are you going to answer us on this Vorpx logo on mirror screen. Can i offer you another $5 to remove. Besides being annoying and making it impossible to watch anything on the mirrored screen it will end up burning Vorpx into my screen if i use for long periods. I dont stream i have no one to advertise to except the wall or my chair. i have other mates that were interested in buying but not if there is a permanent logo on the screen


    This would be understandable if it was a free product. or an android app


    thanks for the warning


    In an effort to help convince Ralph to make this feature optional – heck even to allow us to put a logo of our own, I too have begun applying my own version of a VorpX indication in my videos. I’ve recently produced one video with the 2D mirror which contains the watermark, and had to modify my title generating app to remove the VorpX logo on my end, because otherwise I had two VorpX watermarks in the shot.

    3D (Raw VR):
    3D (HSBS):

    As for VorpX cross promotion, please feel free to reach out to us via email to organize something more efficient. A monthly game giveaway based on a VorpX YouTube video contest would probably yield a lot more immediate attention to the product than an enforced watermark.

    Hope this gets resolved.


    I’ve owned VorpX for a while now, use it on and off but it was mostly for my own use and rarely had the Mirror turned on. I’ve recently started to stream and now when I turn on the Mirror I have this watermark on my screen, I know it wasn’t there before.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has found any more about this? When I searched the forums this thread was the only result found with the word watermark in it.

    Edit: The watermark can be disabled in the vorpx.ini


    where is this vorpx.ini i cant find it,

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    The logo fades away after a minute or so, is only shown in the desktop mirror window (not in the headset) and fairly useful as an injection indicator, so there isn’t really any reason to remove it.

    If you still feel offended by it for some reason, you can find the vorpx.ini in C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX.

    The ProgramData folder is hidden per default. If you can’t see it, enable ‘Show hidden files’ in your Windows Explorer options.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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