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    I wanted to try an perfectly fixed “Call of Duty World at War (improved)” G3D Profile from the Cloud from the Author: dellrifter22 to Black Ops 1, because on the official black ops 1 profile, it has wrong Hand/Weapon Sizes (Giant Hands and not correct 3D). Black Ops 1 and World at War are using the same engine.
    The official Black Ops 1 profile cant be removed and when i rename the Game exe (blackops.exe) then the game wont start.

    Can anyone tell me, what i else could do ? Because you aren´t be able to just remove an official profile ?

    Thanks in Advance.


    I’m working on a Black Ops profile now (I’ve wanted to for a while anyway) and may have a temporary solution for you. But first: do you prefer to play with HUD/crosshair on, or off?

    Once I’m done, I can try to upload my profiles database file for a short time, which you can use temporarily to play Black Ops. Then when you’re done, you should revert back to your own.

    Ralf wants us to be able to reassign official profiles eventually, but the restore feature isn’t working quite yet. Hopefully it won’t be delayed too much further beyond next update.


    Hi dellrifter22,
    i would prefer to play with Hud and crosshair on, like in the World at War Profile.
    Thats nice :)
    I understand the problems with the restore feautures.
    Does that mean, that you can change the “official” profile via your database temporarily ?

    Thanks for your answer :)


    With a Hex editor you can make subtle changes to your database, but I think Ralf would discourage people from doing this, as you can break it if not careful. Instead I’ll lend you mine for now and hope Ralf doesn’t mind:

    I’ve uploaded my Profiles.vpd to a temp hosting site for a 24 hour period.
    Password: vorpx

    Delete the attached numbers and rename file to Profiles.vpd

    Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX (may need to show hidden folders)
    Backup and replace your existing Profiles.vpd

    Now when you start the vorpX config app you will see my list of profiles. It still has a lot of bloat from various tests, so you should restore your own once you are done playing.

    It includes my WIP profiles for Black Ops and also COD:WWII if you are interested. They are already assigned for you. Also I have renamed the exe assignment for Killing Floor 2, so you can now assign the actual exe to whatever you want.

    Recommended settings:

    Black Ops
    – use the same FOV Changer as COD:WaW and set to 105
    – use a 4:3 resolution and set 4:3 aspect in game settings
    (1920×1440, or 2304×1728 is what I use)
    – Shadows and AA should be ON
    *Some smoke/fire/lighting effects that conflict with character models have been assigned to the G3D Shadow Treatment layer, and are hidden by default. If you wish to reveal these effects anyway, set Shadow Treatment to Auto in vorpX delete menu. Water still has minor issues.
    *Image zoom at .905 looks best in my Reverb, but .83 fit better in my Rift, so slight adjustment might be required.

    – use either a 4:3 resolution for better performance (1600×1200, 1920×1440)
    or a wider aspect ratio if you notice pop-in rendering on the sides.
    – Set FOV to 87 in Advanced Video Settings
    – Shadows and AA should be OFF
    *Game is very performance heavy, should use all low settings except for textures can be high. Headtracking will stutter, so mouse rotation only recommended.

    Let me know if it works. I had never played the last half of Black Ops before, but really enjoyed the ending missions in vorpX – pretty fun.


    Wow awesome :)
    I try the Games now, i will replay later again. Thank you :)


    Black Ops 1 runs very well now, like your improved World at War Profile.
    It has now correct Hands/Weapon Sizes/3D Effects, i tried the Zombie Maps and 6 Singleplayer Missions, of course with the FOV Changer, its great now.
    This is real G3D :)

    And now i can play Killing Floor 2 without the Steamless Option with the Bioshock Infinite Profile.

    Thank your very much for your effort, you made a good Job :)
    And also thank you very much for sharing your profile base, i have seen already, that you tested very much :)

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