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    I see a lot of folks here getting good 3D results even on unsupported titles by renaming the unsupported game title executable to a supported title like DXHRDC.exe, Arma3.exe, or UDK.exe. Dying Light is one such game (I know it has native support, but I would prefer to play it with vorpX for easier menu navigation)

    I have Dying Light on Steam. When I rename the DyingLightGame.exe to DXHRDC.exe and then launch it from a Windows Explorer window, it automatically loads Steam and then Steam says it can’t find the executable.

    Is there some setting or work-around for using this renaming hack with Steam titles?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!


    Ok so I do the renaming a lot. Not all but some steam games just wont launch if their executable is renamed even if launched from the exe directly. It is unfortunate. Sometimes a retail box copy of the same game that is not installed through steam will work. For example renaming Singularity’s exe to udk worked for me because I was using an old retail box copy from before I even used steam. Others running the steam version were unsuccessful getting it to work.

    If people have found a way around this for the unfortunate games that do not allow renaming like DMC, Killer is Dead, or Street Fighter IV I would love to know myself.


    This would be great. Would be great to specify already working “profile” to a new exe. For example game stock car extreme, work with renaming, but steam prevents that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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