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    Is it possible to add a setting in the ini files that would hide the info messages VorpX shows in the headset? Like the one that is shown immediately when the game starts about DirectVR been supported and the one after DirectVR scan about the experimental positional feature.
    The one at the start is problematic for me because it sits on top of the saves list and I need to wait for it to go away before I can load a save.


    Some more requests to add.
    I have been reading feedback from users elsewhere on the internet and it seems for most people it is easier to just complain than to formulate a coherent feedback so here it goes.

    Revert settings in VorpX config

    Right now VorpX Config assumes that once you set up your game for VR you will never want to play it flat again. There is a nice and easy to use interface to apply the VR optimization but there is no way to go back. This is a serious problem for many users and it leads them to do extreme actions like trying to guess what settings were changed and editing them by hand in the ini files. And then they are afraid to go to VR again and they are left with the feeling that VorpX is hard to use and requires a lot of tweaking.
    Adding an option to revert the ini files in the VorpX Config interface – one that would use the backup VorpX creates of the ini files in order to switch between VR and flat setup will fix all of this.

    No head tracking in EdgePeek

    This was already suggested and I think it is really important in order to make EdgePeek usable. If an user is playing in VR mode and switches to EP it is because they have a problem performing a task. In most cases it is because they have a problem dealing with the UI. But the head tracking really limits the usability of the EP and forces the users to switch to flat on-screen and off-VorpX mode in order to do inventory management, buy, sell and so on.
    This is somewhat related to the 3rd point:


    Ignoring the existence of mods doesn’t help at all. Since VorpX itself is a mod – a piece of software that modifies the way a game works, working with other mods is only beneficial. Especially for games that rely on mods. For example Skyrim. 90% of the players use SkyUI. But VorpX ignores that. Even mods that obviously help fix problems. For example people complain about “giant hands”. Until the latest update there was an easy answer – use a first person mod. It would not only fix the problem but also add to the VR experience by providing a body for the player character in the best possible way. This is now gone.
    And I’m not talking about supporting thousands of random mods. Identify the essential, most used mods, add several mods that would enhance or fix problems with the VR experience. And it is not hard. There are several flat games that people are mos interested to play in VR. Only few of them have essential mods and probably Skyrim is the only one where they are really important. It is easy to identify 5-10 mods that everybody is using and that people recommend to each other in forums online.


    After reading my post I realize I didn’t explain the problem with the head tracking in EP and why it is related to mods.

    SkyUI is the most popular and the most important Skyrim mod. You can safely assume that everybody is using it. Given the limited sweet spot of the current HMDs using it with headtracking enabled can be quite problematic sometimes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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