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    Hi Ralph,

    Really enjoying the software, thanks! I have a request though. Would it be possible to add a couple more key bindings in the Config panel? Specifically, it would be great to have key bindings for:

    1) Head Tracking (on/off)
    2) Use Head Tracking as Gamepad Emulator (on/off, or absolute/relative/off)

    These options can be toggled in the in-game menu, but it would be really helpful to be able to assign key bindings to them. Thanks!


    Why would you want to change these options more than once per game? I always considered these “change-once-per-game-and-never-touch-again” options.

    Convince me. :) If there is a valid and not overly obscure use case for switching these multiple times during a gaming session I will consider it, otherwise keyboard shortcuts don’t make much sense here from my point of view.


    Ok, so here’s the scoop. I’m using VorpX with ARMA 3. I have everything working very nicely, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Since ARMA 3 supports decoupled head motion from body/aiming motion using TrackIR, I’m using Opentrack to output the Rift motion as FreeTrack 2.0, which ARMA 3 recognizes as TrackIR. Then I completely disable VorpX’s head tracking so it doesn’t conflict. So now the Rift head tracking is tied to the in-game independent head motion of the character. It’s awesome.

    But there’s a problem with this. Now when you aim down a gun in ARMA 3, you have to aim using the controller stick or mouse because head tracking is not tied to aiming, it’s tied to head motion (i.e. if you aim down the gun and move your head, your character will look away from the weapon instead of aiming the weapon where you’re looking). This makes it nearly impossible to actually aim and hit anything. So what I need is a way to quickly toggle from outputting the Rift head movement as FreeTrack (using Opentrack) to outputting it as mouse/gamepad emulation (using VorpX).

    So the plan would be as follows:
    – Opentrack has a key binding to turn tracking on/off. I will bind this function to the same key that I use to toggle aiming in-game, so when I aim down the gun, it disables Opentrack’s FreeTrack output (moving my head no longer moves my character’s head)
    – Have a VorpX key binding for enabling head tracking, and also bind that to the same key that I use to toggle aiming in-game, so when I aim down the gun, VorpX starts using the head tracking as mouse/gamepad emulation. Now, moving my head will make my character aim the weapon wherever I look
    – When I use the same key to exit the aiming mode, it then disables the VorpX head tracking and re-enables the Opentrack FreeTrack output, and we’re back to having independent head motion

    So yes, it is a bit obscure. But, I think that there are multiple applications where someone might want to use an external app like Opentrack for tracking sometimes, and use VorpX’s tracking other times, and that’s only really possible if there’s a convenient way (i.e. key binding) to enable/disable VorpX’s tracking. Also, I would really, really appreciate it :)



    So what do you think Ralph, did I manage to convince you?


    @ Dystroxic – 5 years later and I have had the same idea as you. Did you get this to work or find an alternate solution. Would love to hear what you came up with.


    I have made a separate post about this too.


    Vorpx now has a built in Opentrack so the problem with arma3 goes away. You just need to leave headtracking on but turn the sensitivity way, way down and you get the best of both worlds. Sometimes I think having a button to switch between Immersive mode and Full VR mode would be handy though (ie using Mobiglass in Star Citizen) but I’m pretty sure Edgepeek probably does (most of) the same job.

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