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    Firstly I wanted to say thank you for providing the VR industry such a great program, that is the best at what it does compared to others that have tried, and for continually monitoring these forums and for interacting with your customers and posters on this forum regularly, I really do appreciate that.

    I’m not sure if this is a lot to ask for or not, but Skyrim Together has just released with a standalone client and I was wondering if it was possible to have it intergrated into VorpX or if anyone is willing to do a FOV profile for it?

    Additionally, Cybershoes has a software which works inside SteamVR to adjust settings, and a standalone app which can adjust settings outside of SteamVR, (their CEO contact is at
    I believe a game like Skyrim Together with Vorpx support might really do well to boost Vorpx sales, Cybershoes sales and public awareness of Skyrim Together (which Bethesda do not mind existing)
    Overall, I believe the intergration of the above two may be a great boon to the VR industry, if it catches on and is that enjoyable in any similar way WoW was.
    So that is why I’m asking for these requests.
    Thanks for your time and consideration towards these ideas.
    (I’m not a fan of this reviewer in general, I think he can often be biased, but I don’t fault him for spreading awareness about this setup and I agree with the title of his video so I’ve provided it so you can see what I’m referring to.)


    Sort of confused. Why would vorpx be needed since Skyrim has native VR support. Does this “Skyrim together” mod not support skyrim VR if you copy the files to skyrim VR instead?


    I just realized this mod seems huge and major changes to the game so nevermind.

    I doubt ralf has closed beta access to this or cybershoes so seems like a stretch to me.


    I’m sure both developers would send him a key as soon as he emails them telling them he was requested to work on vorpx intergration.
    Cybershoes have mentioned wanting to work with VorpX already so I’m sure they would send him a pair for free if they were to get in touch with him.
    Skyrim Together is going open soon and has modding support, but uses the base version of the game, not the VR edition of Skyrim, and has a standalone heavily modified client with a different .exe, so it is practically another game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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