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    … the black bars in Letterbox modes.

    While playing Arma 3 with the Rift, the Letterbox modi give me the best setting, but those black bars are blocking too much of the upper and lower borders. I think an option to adjust them or to disable them, will be a solution.

    Thanks for looking into it, VorpX is a must-have!



    Nevermind my first post, i got it wrong.
    I corrected the FOV in Arma to fovTop=0.89999998 fovLeft=1.1 and in VorpX i use Simple Aspect Ratio, everything is fine now. The one and only thing i’m looking forward to, is Arma 3 in Geometric 3D. I hope that will be possible, because Z-Buffer 3D isn’t that immersive, especially in cockpit perspective. For comparison, check the cockpit of the truck in Outerra:Anteworld, best 3D-effect i’ve seen so far.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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