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    I am pretty new to Vorpx, and am having issues with configuring the Xbox controller properly. This is the standard controller that ships with the Rift CV1.

    1. In Star Wars Battlefront, I have vorpx set the full controller emulation. But in game, the left stick does not control movement. The trigger buttons and start back buttons work, along with the right stick to control the camera. What am I missing in the setup to make this work? I am not seeing any options to remap the stick to keyboard buttons, only the dpad.

    2. How would I setup overriding the built-in vorpx controller emulation? I’ve tried to set it to “none”, and have tried using with joy2key, but the controller does not respond. Seems like vorpx was not allowing the pass-through of the controller signals after setting the “none” option the the vorpx in-game menu.

    3. Where do I find more in-depth information on the vorpx in-game menu options?

    4. I’ve seen mention of different remappers for setting up controllers. Is there a tried and true setup guide that anyone could recommend?

    5. Ralf, could you give more information on the new pending controller features? Is there an ETA for when these will be released?

    Any help is definitely appreciated!



    The left stick is configured to simulate WASD keys when using the controller emulation.

    You can change button mappings on the gampad page of the ingame menu. To do that press the “Button Mappings” button, which will extend the page and show the according options.

    There will be no dedicated new features regarding the gamepad emulation, but the new Direct VR feature will allow native gamepad use for more games that do not allow mouse and gamepad to be used together. This won’t apply to all those games though, only to those with Direct VR support.

    The easiest general way to deal with games that do not allow mouse and gamepad to be used together besides using the gamepad emulation is playing the game in question with mouse and keyboard.

    If you want to use an external tool like joy2key, you may have to disable the gamepad in the game’s options menu.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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