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    I notice you can adjust the up and down camera translation in games in the virtual cinema mode (or immersive screen) So wouldn’t it be theoretically possible to map those values to your head movement positionally (in cinema mode)?

    I am aware of DirectVR mode, but am talking for games that don’t have full support for the mouse or DirectVR, rocket league, MKXL, etc.

    I’m thinking of this for games like rocket league that have no mouse turning support so no headtracking, as it seems you figured out how to hack the camera height (rocket league vorpx settings example)

    Could this up and down camera setting also be applied on the x and z axis?

    I feel I can get the immersive screen mode looking almost like a native VR title with FOV adjustments and screen distance. It’s only the positional tracking that’s missing in these games.

    I’m thinking the immersive screen mode would feel almost like those synthetic lightfield demos in a way with positional tracking like that. Limited FOV if you turn your head but perfect 3D and positional tracking in the viewable area. What do you think?


    Does anyone understand what I mean by this? Not sure if I typed it out clear enough but just curious as to technical reason it couldn’t work if you can move how the y axis of camera in settings why not x and z?


    Provided a game has positional tracking enabled tt already works that way in immersive screen mode. How strong the effect is depends on the ‘Head Tracking Multiplier’ setting on the main page of the vorpX menu IIRC.

    If positional tracking is not enabled per default, you can force it for any G3D game on the ‘Head Tracking’ page of the vorpX menu. There usually is a reason though when it’s not enabled per default, e.g. too many visual glitches.


    Holy crap I didn’t know immersive screen mode already allowed this with ht unlock setting. So badass, thanks!!

    Edit: Is there a way to change the x sensitivity of the unlock positional tracking versus the z. It seems like leaning in and out is way more sensitive than leaning left and right (at least in rocket league)


    Okay I think the increased sensitivity was just an illusion of some sort perhaps.

    Oh yes and also I have the pimax and I can’t seem to zoom in immersive screen mode as much as I can cinema mode, any ideas? I like to make it really close then adjust the 3D fov vorpx setting. I have it at zero but still can’t get it any closer.

    This is really great though!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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