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    The desktop feature is great, probably the fastest of all the other softwares.

    But there is problem cursor, i am an digital artist, and i like to use vr to paint, only that vorpX cursor at desktop mode cancels photoshop cursor.
    Alt+c work only in game it seems.
    sometimes there’s bugs that allow me to see some of photoshop cursors.
    It could help allot if there was a way to disable vorpX mouse in desktop mode.

    Other than that, it would also be great to higher the limit of how much the screen can be curved.
    There’s some 3D effect it can cause which is great but it works only if you got big radius, or in other words big distance from the curved screen, so it becomes like a piece of a ball for say, that’s why its better to higher the limit to be able to make the screen more curved.

    Would be glad to get some help on this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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