Reshade hooks DX12 (WIP) – what would it take for VorpX to do this?

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    I wanted to just start the discussion of what it might take to move VorpX to the DX12 era.

    As the title of this post says, Crossire (author of Reshade) does indeed have a (work in progress) version of Reshade:

    That version has successfully been tested on Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


    And Ralph – if this is old news to you, then that’s cool – but I thought it might add something to the discussion in the community.

    Rather (I’m guessing) that hooking DX12 must be one of the problems to be solved.

    I am not asking “when will we get VorpX for DX12?” – DX12 compatibility is still a work in progress for reshade so any discussion around VorpX would be wishful thinking at this point.

    What I think would be interesting to know is the community desire for such a product at this point. For example:

    1. Prioritize over other functionality (e.g. prioritize over new game profiles; developer features)

    2. Additional funding (e.g. MartyMcFly Patreon for funding Raytracing Reshade)

    I believe that DX12 support would probably need a change in community expectations – we show interest to go “all in” and see that as a trade-off against other features that might have been possible instead.

    Or it becomes clear from the discussion at this point, that interest isn’t there yet.

    It will be interesting to find out


    Hooking DX12 to apply some post effects (e.g. Z3D in vorpX) is not a big deal, a Geometry 3D implementation however is a bigger effort. Currently DX12 is still not required for 99.9% of games, so no need to rush anything. There is ongoing internal research, but no date yet and nothing else to share at this point.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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