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    Do you know resident evil 5 because of his static shooting system and has also a cursor aim mode for PC would be perfect 3rd person for be experience.Do you think you can create something for this game? Or arcade shooters like time crisis or house of the deadBut re5 is a better game imo. At least making possible to aim with the controllers on the screen calibrating them would be greatAlso do you know if you play in controller option on mode b and a you have one camera controller by one of the sticks like it’s your head moving tracking and mapping system . So if you do certain movements it does certain mapped actions on keyboard or controller could allow us to give us more freedom with the games we like.Also we could share this settings. I would love if you consider my idea


    Right now I don’t really have a clear idea about how these games work, but that sounds interesting. I’ll check out Resident Evil 5, and if aiming with the controllers is straight forward to implement, I will definitely consider it. Probably not for the next update, but after that.


    i saw the mod fro resident evil 4 would be nice if somoene can do something for re5 and its cursor mode… to aim with the sticks owuld be amazing! also the good thing from re5 and re4 is that it has already a system for the xbox and ps controller that with the right stick you move the camera like your head.. you have a 180 degree view. and if you want to see more you’ve to turn your character.. its pretty nice i never saw this system in other game. would be nice because the stick emulates the head movement/sight.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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