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    Hi Ralph,

    Is there anyway you could make a profile for Resident evil 4 remake & Strange Brigade?
    i attempted to make one for each and basically i suck at it..every profile i make like Lunch lady for example always come out flat and 2d :( can you please help me :)

    Thank You,
    Jerome <3


    If you´re expecting every game to work in 3D, let alone full VR, your hopes are probably set a little far too high and the reason that there aren´t full-VR or full-3D profiles for certain games yet, could be that those games aren´t yet working, rather than your vorpX-config-skills.

    Did you even checked on what DX (11/12) version those games are running to begin with? If it is unsupported, then forget your 3D dreams for this moment and wait, until they´re supported.


    Strange Brigade( DirectX 12 and Vulkan) but i was hoping Vulkan was some sort of Brand of Dx11 ?? maybe?? As for Resident evil 4 some people in the community made their own profiles, i was hoping “if Possible” a VorpX Official profile could be for full VR ..No..i like using Immersion Screen ,3rd person 3d look..(if im even naming the 3d setting correctly)..regardless i like using VorpX even if the profile is flat..was just hoping for the impossible i guess, but thanks for your reply…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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