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    Recently started playing RE7 after I noticed the hand issues are fixed. The game looks great, no issues with hair, shadows etc but I got to the handgun after you get your hand chopped off and it has a really bright white silhouette next it.

    Ive spent about an hour changing things in the graphics settings, tweaking image zoom, fov correction etc with no luck.

    Ive tried resetting to factory settings in vorpx but no luck. I am running the latest version of Vorpx, will try updating my drivers tonight. Only other thing I can think of is I am running resolution at 4k, would this make a difference?

    Is there a way to get vorpx to do its direct vr magic again?

    Just to note the hands are perfect, I also dont have this issue with the axe, having got any other weapons yet so cant confirm if its just the handgun.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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