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    Hello guys,
    I got Vorpx and I don’t understand anything at all
    I open vropx and run a RE Village profilethen run the game. thats all i do
    game got so laggy , the graphics is so bad in the game , nothing is clear .

    What graphics option I should use ? shall i adjust graphics settings just like normal monitor ?
    I am using 2560×1440 and medium settings *my monitor resolution*
    *ryzen 3600 + 3070 ti ,16gb ram


    Pressing DEL will open the vorpX menu in game. Cycle to “allow vorpX to change game settings”. You can tell vorpX to choose an ‘ok’ or ‘decent” or “very nice’ quality etc. Many of these represent custom resolutions you can add in your graphics driver panel (see stickied post)

    If you are just playing on 3D cinama screen rather than full VR mode, disable the “allow vorpX” to change in game settings and set the resolution in the game menu.


    For curiosity , why you dint use praydog mod that have motion controller?


    VorpX is the best purchase I have made for my VR headset. That being said, there is an easy to install “full” VR mod for Resident evil 2, 3, 7, and 8 (village) with full motion controls, first person option etc, made by Praydog. Just search for Praydog Resident Evil VR mod. It is hands down the best way to experience these titles.


    resident evil village fullvr dont vork fullvrmode just get big screen never enter vrmode pls help

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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