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    I just purchased vorpx and have been tweaking settings for a play through of Resident Evil 7. From what I’ve read it seems that playing in geometry3d causes parts of the game to be invisible so I figured I would play in znormal instead since this is my first playthrough.

    1 – My problem is that when in znormal tilting my head causes some very strange movement as if the screen is tilting in the opposite direction as my head tilt. So my first question is is there any fix for that?

    2 – If there isn’t a fix for that then my follow up question is is there any way to “tilt” the screen a fixed amount? The reason for this is that I have a medical condition which causes my head to always be tilted slightly right(even though it feels straight and natural to me). This constant head tilt coupled with the strange screen tilt of Znormal means that the game constantly looks like it is on a tilt.
    Like so:

    So i figured if there is a way to tilt the screen a fixed amount I could tilt it to compensate for my wack head tilt thus making it look level for me. Thanks if anyone can offer some advice!

    ps this isnt an issue in geometry3d (or real life for that matter) cause I guess my brain makes sense of it or something since its actually 3d, dunno


    Hmm if there is no fix for the screen tilting when you tilt your head in znormal can anyone give me a rundown on how many things are invisible when playing Res 7 in geometry 3d and whether or not they hinder the experience?

    I know some hair is invisible which isn’t a big deal. I am also aware of a wall that is invisible which I am more concerned about. Are there many invisible walls or other things that ruin surprises or gameplay?

    I’m trying to decide if I should just play through it in geometry3d instead, but since it is my first time playing I’m worried that the invisible walls will ruin the experience. Any comments on what I can expect and whether you suggest geometry3d or znormal for my first playthrough are appreciated. thanks!


    Id recommend just going with Znormal. G3d had issues for me in multiple areas – cant remember specifics but invisible walls like in the fight at the beginning and other stuff; plus, you can boost settings like resolution in znormal. G3d unfortunately doesnt play very nice with that game. I doubt youll miss leaning around too much for it to bother you after a little bit of playing. Hope you enjoy either way, was a great experience


    thanks for the reply!

    Also, I’m using a quest 2 and I have noticed that when using airlink the experience is quite smooth but there is also quite a visual downgrade because I don’t have a good setup for airlink.

    And when I use the link cable the visuals look great but there is quite a bit of stutter. Has anyone experienced this and have any advice on how to get the link cable to run smoother? thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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