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    Hey there,

    Still trying to figure out the vr thing. When using vorpx, do we set the resolution in the actual game or does vorpx do it automatically? Does setting the game’s resolution have an effect on the vr headset? Using the quest 2 link.


    Welcome to the Fam,
    personally I hate it if Vorpx tries to do that, you can turn it off and Im not sure sometimes it asks ? :)
    I have a powerfull pc but Ralf wants to make sure it also runs on the low end and -other hardware, makes totally sense.
    You can turn it off on the general settings page.
    Ingame wise I would say the higher the resolution the better. There is only one rule, if u can play the game with constantly over 90fps(better over 100) in 2d it should be smooth in G3D . If you are a lucky owner of a Nvidia GPU you can set custom resolutions, even you only have a 1080p device u can use downsampling. 1080p in your HMD will look crap lots of jaggies, 1440p hmm yes my old WMR headset has this as nativ resolution performance goes down, 2160p looks beautiful in older or not so demanding games . You can also use own ratios like 4:3 so on.. to save rendertime. If you hooked into some game dont forget to press Del key and surf the Vorpx menu for Image settings , play around with the sliders to get the max out of it.


    @ Beylous: In some games vorpX can do it, it shows an according message in the top left corner of the Game window if that is the case. If so, you can select a quality preset on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu. Whenever vorpX can do it, let it do its thing. It automatically does what moadepth recommends as optimiziations like selecting a performance optimized aspect ratio and so on. There is no real reason to tinker with stuff like that that if you don’t have to.

    Also please don’t tweak too many settings in the vorpX menu until you have gained solid understandig of what they to. Many settings aren’t of the typical ‘more-is-better’ type and have to be dialed in with care. At least while you are new to vorpX, be a bit careful with tweaking.


    Great! Thanks for the info! Very informative and I appreciate it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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