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    @ralph, hi lately i run into serious problems using my remapper. The game freezes, gamepad keys will not funciton, animations cant be used, just to name a few things. Is thers a way to totally have vorpx not interfearing with my remapper? I know i can switch off in vorpx menu. When i hide the controller , i cant get anything to work, Partial and full will cause problems after a few minutes, like right gamepad button will only move the character instead of the camera, the right stick is like very very slow movement,, . If playing without vorpx itmy game runs fine. It seems that the keys got ignored or worse remapped to something else. So is there a way to make my remapper work?


    If you want to use an external gamepad remapper, you have to disable vorpX’s controller handling. Otherwise there will be a conflict between vorpX’s internal remapper and your external remapper.

    Be aware though that disabling vorpX’s controller handling can cause issues with head tracking in games that don’t allow mouse and gamepad to be used together. The gamepad override exists to deal with this.

    If the gemepad override is activated in a profile, it’s best to leave it activated and use vorpX’s internal remapper.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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