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    While waiting for the rfactor 2 update (with hopefully 3D function), I thought I am give rfactor 1 a try again as it is listed in the games being supported.

    I have installed rfactor and it is launching without VorpX started, but if I start the Vorpx Service , I see the rfactor start message, a black Screen but then back to the desktop.
    Meaning I can not launch rfactor running the VorpX Service.

    Any idea what I might do wrong or have missed ?
    Thanks in advance for your help


    No idea what I am doing wrong ? Any advise would be great. Still crashing with Vorpx enabled



    You have to select the correct display adapter (the listbox is titled “Video”) and resolution (1920×1080 for DK2) in the rFactor config program.

    With that done it works fine here. If one of these isn’t set correctly, the game exits immediately after start.

    BTW: You will also have to activate freelook mode for head tracking. Can’t remember how to do that currently, but Google will know the answer ;).


    Hello , Ralph,
    first of all, happy new year !
    Thanks a lot ! Working fine now.
    Regarding headtracking, I am using the R12Rift-Plugin which can be found here.
    Just follow the thread #213 and it shall work.

    3D works as well but I am not sure what the best Setup is.
    Is there a description regarding the different 3D Options (Geometry and Z-Settings etc). I am not sure which one to choose.

    Geometrie Options is making the Speedmeter almost unreadable.

    However, rfactor works as well now and looking Forward to the rfactor 2 implementation

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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