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    Hello everyone!

    According to the rift reddit rise of flight works with vorpX.
    No positional tracking but head tracking.

    No matter what i try i only get a “Cannot create direct3ddevice” error.

    Any help would be appreciatet.


    I am using vorpx with DK2 for Rise Of Flight, the only issue I have is that I can’t control zoom with DK2 – VorpX binds head tracking to mouse control – thus left-right, up-down works, but not – zoom-in/zoom-out – any idea if additing that would ever be possible?


    How do you use it? Do you use 4.2.3 driver?
    I tried everything but it simpyl wont start and gives an error. Do you run via steam or standalone?

    This drives me nuts . I wanna play this with my rift.

    Did you try zooming in and out with + and – keys on the num pad allready?


    Got it working with reinstalling everything!

    Need to finetune a bit – headtracking is a bit shaky – gotta play around with settings a bit. This could be good though.


    Is there no edit function in this forum or am i blind?

    Anyways: About zoom. You can adjust it via vorpx: left shift + mouswheel adjusts your zoom. I found a pretty good setting for me so far.
    Minimal mouse sensitivity maximum mouse acceleration makes for a good headtrackign experience. Been flying around abit now. Feel pretty good.

    Feeling quite nauseous now though so i gotta stop. Crashing that plane doing a corkscrew too close to the ground did not help. Damn engine cut out. :P

    This is good fun though i reccomend trying it.


    Well, I can zoom with keys – have it bount to one of the axles on my joystick, what I was talking about that proximity doesn’t work with vorpx, so while I can zoom with mouse-wheel, I can’t with oculus – or were you able to somehow bind that? Not clear from your post :) But nice to hear you managed to get this running! Fun stuff

    Flying Monkey

    When you’re talking about Rise of Flight working with Vorpx, are you getting it to work in stereoscopic 3D or just to show up properly in 2D in the Rift. I can only get the latter working, but I really miss stereoscopy (I used to play RoF on my 3D monitor with a helix mod for ndivida 3D vision and it was working brilliantly). I’ve tried the standard tricks of changing the rof.exe name to udk.exe or arma2.exe and others, but that just results in a crash to desktop.


    just 2d showing in rift. vorpx is not capable of stereoscopic for dx9 afaik


    Hi, is there any speical trick to getting head tracking to work in Rise of Flight?
    So far I can get the game running on a Oculus DK2 with Vorpx but the head tracking dosen’t seem to come on at all.
    Also is there any way tin the config settings in vorpx to move the screen further back away from the user. I’ve been useing Shift-Middle mouse for a temp fix just to see the edges of the menus etc.


    Hi all,

    Seems that the topic is very old but still…. did any one manage to get arise of flight running with 3D ? Is there still an issue with head tracking and view zoom?

    Thanks !

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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