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    I’ve taken a few cracks at trying to get Rising Storm 2 Vietnam to work. The trouble with this one is that I can’t get Vorpx to inject. When I start up the game I can see a slight flicker in my HMD (vive) but then nothing happens. So looks like it’s trying but not succeeding.

    I read the Basic Troubleshooting post, and tried what was there. Still no injection. I found a post where someone got Rising Storm to work, and I used their profile and was able to get that working. So.. I think it’s not overlays or something blocking Vorpx. Is there something else I can try? Or maybe this game is just no compatible? Anyone have any insight?


    Can’t really say anything else than that the game is not supported. While vorpX can and does hook into many games that are not officially supported, there is no guarantee that every existing game can be injected.


    Ok, thanks all the same Ralf.


    Rising Storm 2 uses EAC (Easy Anti Cheat), which blocks vorpX injection :(

    It’s a shame, because otherwise it probably would have worked pretty well.

    Sorry man, I wanted this as well.


    Aw thats too bad. I’ve wrote to EAC over the weekend and put in my two cents about it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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