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    Hello RJK :)

    I just wanted to ask, if we can get back your great Site, where you can really see, which Game supports G3D and Z3D ?

    I saw, that you realeased the inofficial List, but im really interested to see, which Game Engine the Games have and so on :)
    Because i only see the Duck on your Homepage at the moment :)

    Thanks in Advance.


    Agreed, would love to have the site back, if you gotta toss ads all over the thing, i dont care.. just not popups please lol. That was a great tool and I really appreciated having it available. I dont know how sites work these days lol, make us do the ‘prove youre human thing’, whatever it takes, lol.

    Thanks for your work, either way though. Your stuff is awesome!


    I wonder as well, what happened to the site? I often link to the VorpX compatible games list in forums (Reddit mostly), and lately it redirects to the VorpX forum…


    Too bad i didnt make an Screenshot from the Game List :)
    It was really useful because of the Engine Informations..
    Please RJK, we need this page back :)


    Yeah we all miss it, it was the holy Bible of vorpx compatibility, I’m surprised that after such a huge amount of work he would just let it die.


    To shed some light on the matter, he told me that he didn’t want to take any potential legal risks anymore that come with a public website. And even if that shouldn’t have been the only reason: maintaining a website is a lot of work, so I’d say it’s more than understandable when someone decides to spend time for other things instead.

    If I may: please don’t push the man out of your own self-interests. He has spent so much time with vorpX for over two years that personally I thought more than once it might be better for himself to take it more slowly. People who are willing to share a lot of their time and effort are often easy to be taken advantage of, I’m sure noone here would want to do that.

    If you are searching for an alternative: Wikipedia pages for games typically have an info box that most of the time also lists the engine used.


    Thank you Ralf !

    The site which is private now has been redone for more security, plus in recognition of the crazy german laws.

    I thought it was clear after posting in afew other threads before that you can ask for a password to access the site as usual.
    It only requires a short email to my adress below.
    ( Please include a few words that descibe the matter so i dont treat it as spam )


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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