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    So I have been playing Car Soccer for a lot of hours. Like a lot a lot. And since the day I found vorpx, that time has been primarily on my Oculus using 1:1 head tracking and geometry 3D. Recently, however, I decided to play around with other users settings (via vorpx) and it occurred to me every vps config file was set up for cinema mode. Got me wondering… has anyone else gotten Rocket League to play well in Full VR? I’d love to trade notes if so.

    Which brings me to my second point, I’d be willing to dig around and copy down some specs. Should be able to share vorpx configs, but I have spent a bunch of time tweaking other things in game and out, so it would have to be a little more comprehensive than I have time for at the moment. So, given that, any interest?

    (Also, disclaimer, I do have a pretty beefy computer; you can loose frames with a slower rig.)


    Hi! Just got vorpx today with my rift, and have been loving good old car soccer on it.
    So far the most fun i have had has been using the immersive screen with the 3D geometry and the screen pulled so close to my face it takes up most of my frame of view. This provides for a pretty immersive experience, however there isnt the full 360 capability that would really put you in it, which I would assume the Full VR does. However whenever I try this setting its super buggy, and doesnt track my head movement correctly, but rather just kinda moves the screen so that its always straight ahead of me. Totally saddening. The immersive screen mode would be perfect, except i find some depth perception issues throw me off every once in a while, especially on slow balls and particularly difficult aerials. This could probably be adjusted somehow, and does get marginally better without my glasses on, however its hard to see the game as well without my glasses, so kind of a catch 22. If you have found any way to do full Vr, I would LOVE to see that in effect.

    Seph Swain

    Any news on this?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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