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    Not including FO4 here as it is better to not try to mod it in a more serious manner until the last patch from Bethesda drops later this year.

    So what is needed and is it even possible to add room-scale to Skyrim and FONV(TTW)? Even a limited one?
    I understand it will have limited use as many of the game mechanics will not work fine and there are only so many buttons on the (Vive) controllers but I still believe it will be cool.
    There are several mods that make changes to the camera, I guess it is possible to create one that will allow the headset to be tracked in all directions. The player character has to be made invisible so you don’see the body from inside when moving around. And there should be some way to enable sneak mode depending on how low the headset it. I guess controlling weapons and spells with the controllers would be the most problematic.
    Or maybe an option to switch such a “presence” mode on and off? So it can be used from time to time when it’s limitations are not a problem.
    What do you think?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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