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    I tried RE2 and RE7 on a rtx 2070 super. After I have upgrated to rtx 3080, perfomance is basically the same. This is not possible. Or vorpX should improve something to unlock the perfomance.

    RTX 3080
    RE 2 – not even 90fps at 720 when using 3D Geometry
    RE 7 – 1080p at 1.1 resolution, settings are not ultra.

    RE 7 – without vorpx – 4K 120 FPS.

    Are my CUDA cores limited by vorpX or something?


    The games are probably CPU limited with G3D. G3D raises the load on a game’s main render thread, when this thread maxes out a single core of your CPU, a game becomes CPU limited. In a CPU limited scenario adding more GPU power does not improve the framerate. You probably will be able to run CPU limited games at higher resolutions though without losing FPS.


    Try Enabling Fluid sync or Oculus ASW or Steamvr motion smoothing depending on what headset you have. 90 fps is really unnecessary for a slow paced games like RE7. 45fps or even 30fps (1/3 rate reprojection) is more than enough in most cases.


    The same happens for Devil May Cry 5 which uses the RE7 engine. I have a 1080ti and get the same performance as another forum member that has a 3080.
    In general with G3D you should expect 35-45% the FPS of “2D” rendering, but with this engine it’s more like 15-20% sometimes.
    I ended up using Z3D because G3D wasn’t fluid enough even with FluidSync/reprojection.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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