RTX 4090 – It’s worth its cost to play Skyrim on a Pimax 8KX?

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    If you have the money, if you want to play at real 4K, taking full advantage of the resolution available on a Pimax 8KX, without major bottlenecks that will make you break the immersion in the game, yes, it’s worth it!

    Warning! The CPU, whatever you have, will continue to be a bottleneck!


    I was curious how the 4090 was performing in VR.
    Good video!


    Why would you play LE with vorpx instead of the VR version?


    RTX 4090 + Pimax 8KX and Skyrim VR and 250 Mods, will be an epic adventure for you !


    Why would you play LE with vorpx instead of the VR version?

    Several reasons.

    First, there are some mods that don’t work with Skyrim SE/VR (essentially, mods that have physics based on HDT-LE). But that’s not the main reason.

    The main reason is that there are some aspects of Skyrim VR that I don’t like.

    One of them is some missing animations, like when you are at the forge, mining or fighting. Yes, you read correctly, fighting! In Skyrim LE and SE, as many other games, when you fight, or better saying, when you press a button in your keyboard that is assigned to the fight, you see an animation of your main character fighting. And that’s the way it should be on Skyrim VR! No, I’m not crazy.

    Let me explain why.

    In Skyrim VR, Bethesda made the dream of many people (my self included) – you move your arm, and you see your weapon moving. And that’s the problem! As you know, in Skyrim LE and SE, the more one weapon is heavy, the more slow you will see this same weapon moving. That’s logic, as in the real world, we can move much quickly a dagger than a heavy two hand sword. But in Skyrim VR, you move a two hand sword as fast a dagger, because both move as fast as you move your hand. For me, that’s break the game immersion. A lot!

    Second, I don’t like the moving system that Bethesda choose for the game, so that the player does not get nauseated. I don’t want to move by jumps and I don’t want to get my FOV reduced if I move normally (without jumps). I know that we can move normally, without the momentary reduced FOV, but that’s take us to my final problem with Skyrim VR. I have the HTC VR controllers, I was not used to using them to drive the main character and I didn’t feel like gaining experience doing so, not least because I think the joystick option on HTC’s VR controls is not practical to use.. And I found no way to play Skyrim VR sitting, with mouse and keyboard, as I do with Skyrim LE in VR.

    Third, I already had a good image on Skyrim LE in VR with Vorpx, better than the image I got with Skyrim VR when I first tried it. I didn’t feel like wasting hours again investigating how to improve the image of the game, as I had done with Skyrim LE with Vorpx.

    So, that are the reasons that led me to give up Skyrim VR. However, I intend to try again Skyrim VR very soon.


    If you say so. :/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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