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    I have VorpX running on my MacBook Pro 2011.. via botcamp.

    It runs… But I am having a problem getting in-game VorpX settings to show up.

    Normally you’t hit Delete in game & it pops up… yes ?

    but how to do this on a MAC ??


    Good question. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a one size fits all answer. What I can offer is a support article from the Apple website that explains how to use various Apple keyboards with Bootcamp, including special key mappings and how to choose the correct keyboard type in Windows.

    You can find it here:

    Hope that hepls.


    Hi Ralf.. I worked it out.

    in ARMA3 I simply hit the “fn” key + back space

    this took me from a single view to duel (V.R view) & I can see the VorpX beta symbol between the two lenses when I’m not wearing the Oculus Rift.

    Arma3 runs great in V.R !!! Wow

    I realize this is still in Beta .. but hey if any v.R enthusiasts want an awesome game try ARMA3. I am yet to tweak the VorpX settings but so far all is great… I have my MacBook Pro running Oculus Rift in BootCamp mode Win.7 64 bit. I have modded my Rift so now all power to the Rift s via USB cable.. this means my XBox controller & mouse are running from a USB hub.

    This works well for me.

    Can’t wait to test SkyRim..

    note: I had a hard time setting this up as I’ going all this onboard a sailboat !! I ahve agenrerator humming away on the upper deck so I’m limited to how long I can play for.. but I cam up & running… I bet I must be the first person to use an Oculus Rift aboard a yacht… in the middle of a river.. I have to paddle my little dingy 1 km up a river to reach my Oculus Rift …


    probably the only major thing that makes Arma3 hard to play is not actual in game but menu buttons are slightly off to one side… so I have to remove my RIFT & tilt it nearly 90 degrees so I can see the menu buttons… apart from that all is sweet. some polishing up would be nice but its a great expereince

    Thanks heaps !!


    That’s what EdgePeek is meant for, which allows you to look around the screen. Unfortunately you need a three button mouse for that though (it’s mapped to the middle mouse button), so it’s most likely not usable with a standard Mac mouse.

    One of the next updates will allow to remap that function to another key.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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