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    If possible, add the Russian interface to the vorpx driver. It is difficult to navigate the program especially to make changes in the game itself through the inside of the game settings. It’s very difficult to remember all the features and it’s not very good to go out in Google Translate.
    Russian is the world’s 2 most popular language and is spoken not only by Russians but also by Ukrainians, Belorussians, Latvians, Georgia and many other countries. This is a very large part of the population in which you can find a potential client. Translation of the entire program will take 2 days and about $ 200 for translation services. And also it removed a lot of questions on the use of vorpx. Please consider my proposal as a future update vorpx


    apparently you can speak english, why do you want it to be translated in russian ?
    it’s not like there is a lot to read….


    @ sov : Translations are a major thorn in my side, trust me. Unfortunately vorpX originally wasn’t developed with translations in mind at all. Changing that is a major effort and on top of that pretty tedious work. At some point vorpX will be made translatable, but I can’t really say when that may be.

    The actual translations would also be more complex than you might think. There is a lot of 3D/VR specific technical jargon, no way any random cheap translation service would handle that good enough.


    I do not speak to use the usual translator. Order a text translation service from a professional. There is a freelance exchange where for a small amount you can translate any text professionally and without any problems. All you need is a text (for convenience, you can take a table and write out all the points and provide the performer).

    You just can not imagine how much it motivates to buy a product in which everything is clear and everything is written in the native language. People would rather buy such a product, since they don’t have to waste time translating all the functions!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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