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    Hi guys, found a newer profile (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) for this game. The old profile of this game only works in z3d for me ??
    Anyway there are some settings to be made ingame :
    Set Objekt Detail to middle !
    You can turn all shadow related settings to low, because i turned them off already in the shader tool. Selfshadows looked a bit jerky so I made this hard descision:)
    If you want turn them on in the shader tool there are only 3 active shaders. But dont panic game still looks very nice :This comes at a cost, playing this in 1440p on my Gtx 1080 is hard on the limit, time to upgrade.
    The strenght is 5.0 you know what I mean..


    I picked this game up as well. I imagine this looks cool in geometry. Thanks for the profile.


    Hi dellrifter, good descision ,hope you got a powerful Gpu, in mass battles I have to struggle in both ways ;) But in quiet moments this game runs smooth like silk.
    Its not 100 % glitch free theres some really light ghosting around the sword only seen if zoomed in ,but yeah looks awesome until now I most liked chapter 3 where you sneak through germanic forrest and tunnels…
    Maybe you as experienced user can fix the shadow problems,I think there are alot of shader dependencies I mean you turn one shader off and in the next scene some other will not work right.
    Have fun !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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