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    My Initial Impressions:
    – 5/5
    – Geometry 3D
    – Immersive Screen
    – Amazing 3D
    – Its up there with top games in VorpX like Journey.


    Game pass version from Xbox app and vorpx doesn’t give any options (G3D/z-adaptive/z-norm)

    I’m new to Vorpx, did you have to download a custom profile to get these options or did you have to use steam version?

    Love this game on Xbox but really really want to play in VR


    My understanding–someone correct me if I’m wrong–is that Microsoft, being Microsoft, locks up the actual contents of the games you “buy” from them. So it is difficult if not impossible to mod games from the Microsoft Store, and that includes using Vorpx with them.

    For instance, I just bought Deep Rock Galactic from the MS store, and it won’t work with vorpx.

    The lesson here is: Don’t buy games from the Microsoft Store, because you won’t really own the contents you paid for. MS will still keep those contents under lock and key.

    Yes, I now Game Pass is more of a rental service, but the same still applies.


    Depends on the game. I think most games on Game Pass are normal Win32-programs and can be hooked fine, but a good portion is unfortunately compiled as Windows Store (UWP) app, which among other things means they are encapsulated in a ‘safe’ container that prevents vorpX from being able to hook them without some serious hacking.

    Luckily MS seems to more or less ditch the whole UWP-approach, wasn’t exactly the huge success among developers they hoped it would be. So there is at least some hope that in the future less and less games on Game Pass will use it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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