Sacred 2

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    Sacred 2 (G3D)

    This is a game that may take your attention for months. One of my favorite 3D Vision games where i partly rewrote the music and modded around a little, i was surprised myself that i got it to work so fast with vorpX in Geometry Mode tonight.

    -Get the profile from the cloud.

    This profile is using Cinema Mode (G3D) so headtracking can be used. FullVR works also, but not recommended because headtracking sticks to screen.
    -Exclude S2gs.exe. from VorpX.
    Sacred 2 may disappear on start when clicking mouse too much. Get it back with ALT+TAB.
    -use the advanced camera and FOV settings (search google please) for more zoom.

    (German users only)
    If you are a fan of the Searphim, but rather want to play the Highelve (with fireballs and stuff) but her voice annoys you, i have made a mod where you can swap these 2 chars voices. Follow this link .

    Sacred 2 VR

    Sacred 2 VR

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